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Best online TCM schools?


Hello everybody . I am looking for an online school which can provide me with a high quality education on the subject and eventually certify me with a bachelor's degree.I am down for few months of an internship but I can't spend more then that out of my country since I have to take care of my family :) ,but my desire of becoming a TCM doctor is enormous . Thank you very much.


I don&#39t believe there are any, it&#39s really not something you can learn from just textbooks without the clinical experience and supervision. I would first check in your country what your practice laws are. Some countries only allow MD&#39s to practice acupuncture, some like the US and others have 4 year graduate programs (so you must have a bachelors to start), similar to medical schools, and then state by state regulations on obtaining your medical license. Others have no current practice regulations, although this doesn&#39t mean you should start practicing as it can open you up to a world of legal problems (i.e. practicing medicine without a license).

The only option you might have besides traditional schooling is a multi-year apprenticeship route with a practitioner who has an active practice. This however is only accepted in some places as viable school for licensure.



Really i feel the same, i have a great desire to become a TCM practitioner, but can do this only online. I would be thankful if any american school would start online courses, with, say, an internship once a year.

I know courses in China that can give a start to study TCM, also there is one SPANISH school that gives diploma by studying online but the study is in Spanish and diploma is not valid in the US.

After studying TCM for more than 5 years, with two online courses in China (with certificates) and plenty of online resources by such scholars as Machiochi and other high experienced practiotioners i have learned a great amount of information that has enabled me to treat my family with herbs and acupuncture and succesfully so. So, one can learn everything, even only online, if he has a passion for it.

Please, if anyone knows about new schools, share this info, as there are many of us


Tatiana (Russia)

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