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Bells palsy


Hi - I've just taken on a new client with Bell's Palsy. He's had this condition for 4 months and taken steroids but no real improvement so he wants to try acupuncture. I have not treated this condition before and have looked at the protocols listed on this site but unsure as to realistically how often I need to treat him to get results. Would once a week be sufficient ? Also, does anyone have any experience of using cupping or derma rolling ?

Look forward to your thoughts......


How often you treat is really up to you - personally I never treat more than once a week for any condition unless it is incredibly acute (falls, accidents, swelling, bleeding, etc.). Many others treat 2-3 times/week on a regular basis for all types of cases. Unless it just started recently I&#39ve never seen any better results treating multiple times/week vs. once a week - but that is just my experience.

Bell&#39s Palsy is well treated with acupuncture. Cupping is appropriate on the upper back to &#39expel wind&#39 and moxibustion is used by some practitioners on the affected part of the face to increase circulation.


Thank you Chad - its always interesting to know other peoples experiences.

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