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Submitted By: epikierian

Hey all,

Just curious what sort of input people have regarding liver qi stag belching, no food stag apparent (burps are not odorous, or foul). Belches are constant and profuse, not dependent upon eating, slightly relieve abdominal distension, and worsen with stress. I've modified xiao yao san and the results are positive but symptoms remain. Input? Suggestions?


Modified xiao yao san, how exactly? And when you say "results are positive but symptoms remain" - what exactly has changed and how and what exactly remains. What is your overall diagnosis for the patient along with supporting signs - tongue, pulse, etc.


Right, well the pattern is stomach qi rebellion first, then liver qi stag, kidney yin xu, and mid jiao qi stag. Pulse is thin and wiry, tongue scant coat, sl deep central crack. Symptoms include a dry belch, quiet mainly, but can be loud, abd discomfort mainly on the sides of the abdomen, stress exacerbates symptoms. Food seems to have little to no effect, patient tends to crave moist cooling foods. Patient is 57 yo female, menopausal, insomnia, night sweats also present. Formula included xiao yao san as base with the addition of suan zao ren tang, and er chen tang as modifiers. Symptoms of discomfort resolved, while belching continued with little change. My formulary is not exhaustive at this point and not all herbs are within access at the moment, but any suggestions are still appreciated.


As the yin is more focused on and resolves more strongly my sense is that the belching will stop in its own right. To speed this up we usually add in needling and/or deep tuina (what we usually use) in the ST 10, 11, 12 area primarily to moderate the vagus nerve which is most often involved....


to do some Western tests for this patient. I recommend you have a stool analysis done and look for possible pathogens such as H-Pylori or other infrections like SIBO.

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