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Bechcet's Syndrome


I have recently been approached by an otherwise healthy 25yo female who has been diagnosed with Bechcet's Syndrome, also known as the Silk Route Disease. In short it is a chronic condition resulting from disturbances in the body’s immune system. This system, which normally protects the body against infections by producing controlled inflammation, becomes over-active and produces unpredictable outbreaks of unwanted and exaggerated inflammation. This extra inflammation affects blood vessels, usually the small ones. As a result symptoms occur wherever there is a patch of inflammation; this can be anywhere where there is a blood supply. Although Behçet’s disease is incurable at present, incurable does not mean untreatable. There are several ways in which the immune system can be suppressed to an appropriate level to reduce the extra inflammation, and this suppresses the symptoms. (Taken from I am asking for help in drawing up a protocol for a treatment that would help this young woman. Thank You in Advance...


With complicated conditions like these you really have to use the true value of Chinese Medicine - it&#39s diagnostic tools. You should first see the patient and examine and diagnose them from a pure Chinese Medicine perspective - then write back with more details from that perspective. In short, don&#39t treat &#39Bechcets&#39 (or any western "syndrome" for that matter) - treat the Chinese pattern and you will know what to do and how to guage progress...

In short, without any individualized diagnostic information, from our system you would focus heavily on the huatuo area of T1, T2, and T3 (the bone marrow, the thymus, and the lung/lymph system - in short primary areas that regulate the nervous system).


What pattern she is?

For example: stomach and spleen fire heat use herb formula: Qing Wei San+-,

Liver and Gallbladder damp heat use herb formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang+-,

Spleen dampness heat and deficiency use herb formula: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang +-,

Yin deficiency with empty heat use herb formula: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan +-.

Use raw herb drink like tea.


I have seen just a few cases of Behcet&#39s, but I think pattern differentiation should come first. The cases I have seen have mostly presented as damp-heat type sores either on the face/mouth or the genitals and have had some underlying spleen deficiency issues.


NCC, thanks for posting this article. I&#39m pretty naive when it comes to auto-immune conditions (like Behcet&#39s Syndrome), so the concise explanation of the condition was helpful. One of my friends has been experiencing inflammation of the eyes and our searches ultimately led us to this article. We&#39re still not entirely sure what&#39s wrong with him. Really, we&#39re just searching for answers to put our minds at ease; educate ourselves until he does see a physician. The inflammation symptoms are pretty darn strange. I really don&#39t know what to make of it! Swollen parts of the eye are apparently a symptom of Behcet&#39s, but what other symptoms accompany this condition? Isn&#39t inflammation of the retinas/eye a symptom of Choroidal Melanoma too? Retinal/eye inflammation seems to be associated with a number of conditions. I can see why people would be so confused. If Rob has the latter mentioned condition, we&#39re wondering how would he go about treating it? The fact that the problem is within the eye may be of concern, no? It doesn&#39t seem like something that could be easily operated on. That said, would proton therapy be a feasible option? I&#39ve heard it&#39s a more FOCUSED treatment of certain cancers.

Thanks, everyone! Any advice or facts (ANY AT ALL) would be super appreciated.

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