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Basic Accupuncture/Meridian Question



I am new to accupuncture and have a question regarding meridians and the meridian graphics shown.

Are the locations of the points shown on the graphics a mirror image or the actual locations of the points.

For example :

on the graphic for Pericardium 5 (

it is shown on the left arm of the man and the mirror of this is my right arm.

I have seen another representation on another site with the Pericardium 5 point on the right side (the opposite of this site).

I am new to this and find this confusing as to which side of the body the point is on or if the points are on both sides of the body in the "mirrored" place of the other side of the body.

In summary my question is - which arm is Pericardium 5 on?

Right, Left or both?

Many Thanks



All acupuncture points are bilateral (both sides) except for the governing vessel and conception vessel meridians (which run right down the middle of the body) and a handful of extra points.

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