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Bartholin Gland Cyst


Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way to treat a Bartholin gland duct cyst? My doctor won't be able to see me for two months, but I don't trust the doctors here anyway, they move too fast. Is there anything you can share with me that can help regarding this topic? Thank you in advance, your time is very much appreciated. Peace&light.


It depends greatly on the size of the cyst. Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, are probably best at treating some of the underlying tendencies towards developing cysts in the first place and possibly better or comparable on dealing with related complications/infections. It would definitely be worth your while to consult with a practitioner locally in your area.

Home treatment wise, hot compresses on the cyst itself and/or sitz baths can be helpful and if the cyst is relatively small can usually resolve it without western options.

After the cyst is of a reasonable size and/or all other options have failed they are quickly and generally easily dealt with surgically. Afterwards, however, a consult with a Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area would still be recommended to avoid recurrences which happen in probably about 10-20% of cases post-surgery.


I would seek another Dr. or Planned Parenthood in the are if you can. Not sure what area you are in but non-profit clinics can also be really great as well if you have them, these places buck the "traditional" insurance money driven systems and often give quick one-on-one care.

Like the previous responses, these are best drained by a dr.. Hot compresses with bentonite clay (cheap online or health food stores) and/or grapfruit seed extract- not grape seed- over night can help it drain quicker.

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