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How can a balanitis be treated in acupuncture?
It is linked with premature ejaculation and uncontrolled erection.
There is also some whitish and smelly secretion.

Many thanks in advance.


Balanitis doesn&#39t technically have anything to do with any reproductive/sexual issues it is a swelling of the foreskin that can arise from infection and/or other causes like diabetes, arthritis, etc. So for a local potentially hygiene related issue they should be referred to a physician. If deeper causes are found then the normal gamut of Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools are used (not focusing on western conditions which are more or less meaningless in the proper diagnostic context). So you really have to know more about the causes and look at the tongue, pulse and other related symptoms to develop proper treatment.

Whitish discharge indicates infection so that should be cleared first. External infections are probably best handled with western medicine in many cases and internal injections are well treated with proper Chinese herbal medicine formulas - not recommending, but as an example, something like ba zheng wan possibly.


For the love of God, stay away from mainsteam MDs if you are not circumcised and have any problem. This is a circumcising culture, most Americans are cut, and when doctors see an infection, the "solution" is usually to cut off this normal body part. But you will live to regret it.

No doctor would suggest that a woman with chronic or acute infection of the external genitalia have the infected parts cut off. But for males, the drastic "solution" of circumcision is sometimes recommended. All too often, I would say. If I knew this man, I would look at his daily diet, recommend changes and prescribe herbs to be used both internally and externally. If diet seems healthful enough, I would inquire as to hygiene.

This is not exactly the same, but I did treat a child with a foreskin infection/inflammation with golden seal taken as a tea, and as an external wash. Sugar was taken out of the diet. There has been no recurrence. That&#39s right, I&#39m only a mother and maybe this man&#39s condition is more serious, I don&#39t know. Thank you for letting me have my say in this matter.

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