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Bad smell armpit


_Any TCM idea about armpit bad smell? _


Well broadly speaking bad body odor tends to be a sign of damp heat. There are a large number of factors that can cause damp heat, including food, lifestyle, stress levels, environmental exposure (both to the elements and to pollutants) and so on.


Hi Stephen thanks for your reply. This person it’s desperate she had been treating every thing, but nothing works for longer. She very hygienic as well, hasn’t any health problems from the view of western medicine.
I’m studying so It very difficult case.
Many thanks


First, are you an acupuncturist looking to treat this person, or someone just generally interested? If generally interested, you should refer this person to a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner and give them 6-10 treatments to see if progress can be made. If you are a practitioner trying to treat them, what is their TCM diagnosis and what signs/symptoms are you using to come to that diagnosis?

When you say “nothing works for long” - this seems to apply that some things do work. What has helped and for how how long?

What (in detail) have they eaten in the last 3 days and at what times?


Tell her to bath with lemon water and don’t use soap for few days ask her to rub armpits with sliced lemon after bath works fine i’have treated many patients.

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