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Bad breath question


My oldest son has suffered with bad breath since a child . He has perfect oral hygiene .
I feel like it has to be coming from other than his mouth. It often smells like poop.
Is there anything that really helps ?


Halitosis is fairly commonly treated in Chinese Medicine and it is most often arising from more systemic digestive issues - even without other obvious symptoms.

Your son will be best served by seeing an acupuncturist (ideally one who also practices herbal medicine) and letting them go through his medical history and current signs and symptoms. From that they can come up with a treatment plan (see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” for a general intro to the process - rather than this is for “x” and this for “y” like you see in western medicine).

With proper diagnosis and corresponding treatment your son should be fine within 3 months of treatment unless there is something really out of the ordinary happening.


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