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Backflow of QI


What are the best acupuncture points for someone who has back flow of digestive qi. Silent one, without pain of G.E.R.D. but with acid fumes and bile silently rising up, creating chronic low level throat/nose inflamation and a really sour/bitter taste in the mouth, specially in the morning.

Also, floating stool in the toalet (sign of low bile) and only partially digested food in the stool (parts of seeds, nuts, carrots easily visible) troubles gaining weight due to all this.

So far i found that Stomach 36 and Gall Bladder 34 are most important, but are there any other important points for this condition?


I would start by reading the GERD treatment page. Near the bottom half of the page you will see "Acupuncture Points for GERD". There are some of the more commonly used choices in that field.

As always, though, proper diagnosis is key. You will notice on the top of the GERD treatment page is a list of possibly relevant TCM diagnoses (stomach fire, etc.). Clicking on these links will give you a more relevant choice of options.

Personally neither ST 36 or GB 34 would be my choices. I would consider points such as CV 12, ST 21, ST 25, LV 3 - as examples.


Well i believe i wrote in my first post that i don&#39t really have G.E.R.D. I don&#39t have any pain in the chest, nor do i have heartburn. Instead, i get a very bitter taste in my mouth in the morning and am not digesting my food very properly.

I was reading a book which stated that one of most important indications for the use of Gall Bladder 34 is a very sour taste in the mornings.

As far as Stomach 36 it was recommended as a key point in any digestive issues.

I will surely take a look at the article you provided me with. Thank you.


The most important aspect of Chinese Medicine that you need to know is that Chinese Medicine treats "patterns" --not-- "western conditions". So, the GERD page is only a pointer to find the appropriate Chinese Medicine diagnostic patterns that could arise with your range of symptoms. There are no treatments for GERD per se, nor are there points for GERD specifically - or for any other condition for that matter. There are, however, points for Liver Qi Stagnation or Stomach Fire which could present with a host of western symptoms and/or conditions.

As always the absolute best course of action to get the best outcome is to not treat yourself instead consult with a practitioner who can properly diagnose you and then give you dietary change ideas, acupressure point ideas and perhaps other changes/techniques that will help you specifically.


I was suffering from GERD aka gastro-intestinal reflux disease a year ago and had a very severe burning sensation in the stomach along with a lot of vomits. I recommend eating just a slice of an apple to see miraculous effects!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although using the points may help too...:)


Dear Marble

I should recommend the following

Tone Sp4,(right) Sedate P6(left) If B.P. is normal. Clears path of Yin

sedation of Liv2, Liv3, H8 Tonification Liv4 and Lu8 on left side. Expel and cut heat going to heart

Sp2, Sp3, Sp6, CV12, St36, St25, St21, UB21, UB20 tonify all on right. Improve digestion exocrinal function of Pancreas and duodenum


Treating G.E.R.D. is very easy, there are several ways to treat it but most effective are taking Betaine HCL pills (1300 mg i.e. two pills with every meal until you feel a very strong burn in the stomach (not chest) that is when you have to lower the dosage)

It is common to think that GERD is cause because there is to much acid but the truth is there is to little acid and to much pressure.. Another great way to treat GERD is very simple, it involved Homeopathic remedy, actually cell salt, Nat. Phos 6X to be taken after each meal (2-4 pellets) and Arnica 30X 2-3 times a day.

Another great shorterm solution for gerd is to take D-Limonene oil, 1 gram once per two days..

So there are many easy ways to heal &#39&#39gerd&#39&#39 but again, i don&#39t have that, just something &#39&#39similar&#39&#39.

My tongue is clear, normal, my BP is normal. I don&#39t have the experience to check my own pulse.

@Mishra, thank you kindly for your answer. I know i was reading about this, but i forgot- what is the difference between tonify and sedate?

P.S. I found a couple of really sore spots on my ears. One was pretty extreme on my right ear, it is &#39&#39inside&#39&#39 the ear, near the &#39&#39hole&#39&#39, not sure what that part is called.

Next one is near the hellix on the middle of the ear, i think that one is connected to elbow and i have some issues with my right elbow (it hurt when i lift weights for certain exercises, like a nerve gets pinched, i feel movement)

My left ear is really sore near the top border of the helix, a bit more on the left and the same point is sore on my right ear. I am using vaccaria seeds but the pain isn&#39t deminishing, i am pressing it from time to time and i have to say it hurts really bad, and i have a really high pain treshold. I have no troubles with the pain, but i am guessing not a lot of people could take it.


Dear M,

I am pleased to tell you sedation means reducing method and tonification means just the reverse.

You said

"Well i believe i wrote in my first post that i don&#39t really have G.E.R.D. I don&#39t have any pain in the chest, nor do i have heartburn. Instead, i get a very bitter taste in my mouth in the morning and am not digesting my food very properly."

the bitter taste in mouth in the morning tells Heart heat rising. See heart pattern diseases.

Knowing that: All Body Fluids are Yin. Mother of all Body fluid is Stmach.It is suggested to use sp4 and coupled point P6.Chinese system does not talk about Pancreas separately they talk of Spleen only. On majority of occasions they mean pancreas- responsible for enzymes. Dr Voll proved that right side spleen meridian is the meridian of Pancreas!

I don&#39t have to elaborate on the axix of Liv-SP.

I have not mentioned anything about g e r d. I hope I am clear let me know if you want any further explanation. I am not atall interested in medicines. I talk only acupressure / acupuncture.


Hello again Mishra and thank you for your reply. My gerd post was directed to &#39&#39enozia&#39&#39 who mentioned something about apples :)

I am aware what tonify and sedate mean, what i wanted to ask you was, how does one tonify or sedate?

When reading acupuncture books, i saw a point, details as to where it is located, indications for that point and the position and depth of the needle that should be inserted.

What should i do to sedate a point and what should i do to tonify it?


Hi there M,

I think it would be better if you learnt the reducing and tonification methods from some practitioner in your area. Tonification is energy dispersing methods and sedation is just the reverse process.

If you use copper and alumunium needles Tonification calls for copper and sedation calls for alumunium.

stainless steel needles : slanting at 30 degree pointing along the flow of energy is tonification. Needle pointing in reverse direction means sedation.

Well there are other methods and means as well...

Personally I use needleless acupuncture with the help of magnets developed by prof. Park of Korea. North pole on a point is tonification and south pole is sedation.



Yes, i was aware of the magnets and their effects.

I know i should learn from a real acupuncture practitioner, but i live in a country where Acupuncture almost doesn&#39t exist. There are maybe 1-2 practitioners in the capital, but they are really expensive and are all about the money. I don&#39t feel comfortable with giving my health to anybody. I think that only a person who really wants his patient to become well can have a huge impact.

Will be reading more before i start doing anything. Currently am reading about ear acupuncture since it is much simpler.. If the point is sensitive, act on it :)

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