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Back pain due to Anterior lithesis of L4 over L5 intervertibral disc


Hai , I attended a lady patient aged 53 suffering from sever back pain since 6 years and kidney stone for the past 20 years. every thing appers normal in Abdominal scan. MRI of Lumbar spine shows the following results;

There is mild anterior listhesis of L4 over L5(correlative C.T screening shows bilateral spondylysis at L4 and L5 pars interarticularis)

The L4-L5 intervertebral disc shows loss of hyderation and posterior prolapse with indentation of the theca.

Air is seen within the L4-L5 interverteberal disc.

Screening of the rest of the spine shows mild posterior prolapse of C5-C6.

Numbness in legs and swelling bellow the right knee with sever pain at the backspine after long standing.

As I am a beginner ,what point should be taken to cure her back pain and kidney stone permanently.

Thanking you sir's.


For the back, I recommend you start by reading the low back pain treatment section. For kidney stones we most often focus on the huatuo point of L2, ST 11, SP 6, and UB 40, plus additional needling at/near the area of pain as it is experienced by the patient as well as needling based on the patients overall Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

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