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Back Muscle Spasms Treatment?


I have been using for more than a month now Shao yao gan cao tang for muscle spasticity in the back upper and lower, it does work just a bit for me, taking at least 4 pills 4 times a day, 4 pills=1500 mg; still if the pain/spasm is bad i resort to ibuprofen.
I wonder if is there any better alternative to Shao yao gan cao tang or if my dosage is low.
Any suggestions? Many thanks!


What is your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms? What other symptoms do you have? Who recommended that formula for you? - have you see an practitioner? Generally the best results will come from having both acupuncture and a properly prescribed formula as well as cupping most likely.


Nobody but me. Symptoms are simple, back spasms and weakness in back muscles. Tension in muscles as if they were stiff. I also suffer from IBS but i dont know if it is related. thanks.


Symptoms are never simple. And yes your IBS would be related at least on some level. More importantly, however, Chinese Medicine is an all or nothing approach. You either work to resolve all of the deeper symptoms together via a proper Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment plan, or you get very lackluster results. I strongly recommend you see a practitioner locally and work to resolve these issues completely rather than focusing on one particular subset of symptoms.


Gan cao is great for spasms. Can you do acupuncture? If the spasm is one that pulls short, then use the huato jiaji to release it at the level, below it, and above it. And release the opposite side as well at those three areas. That will help the muscle release so that it permanently goes away. Some tui na practitioners with skilled fingers can release it with pressure as well by pushing into the shortened muscle for at least 20 to 30 seconds. Hold till the release is felt, then work both sides at the facets.

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