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Azospermi treatment


Would you suggest a treatment for azospermi?


For anything in Chinese Medicine there are no standard treatments - see “treat the cause and not the symptoms” for more on that.

That said, azoospermia, is often a deficiency of Kidney yang and/or Kidney Jing in Chinese Medicine terms. So acupuncture, possibly with moxibustion, from a fully trained professional is often critical. Herbally, formulas such as you gui wan may be used in some cases, but proper diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms is critical (i.e. you don’t choose formulas based on symptoms).

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Ditto to what Chad advised.

But adding a qigong therapy to the mix, imo, is just as important. Preferably a form that directly involves moving/awakening energy in the adrenals and 'nads. Also, use sexual tantra. The Healing Tao toolkit is a good place to start on both counts.


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