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Autumn Metal Lung/Sm. Intestine Points...?

I would love to know points for Moxa for Lung and Small Intestine health to use this Autumn. Apparently, so many great Lung meridian points are NOT to be moxa’d…
It would be especially valuable to know points on the front of the body that are easy to self administer…

If your goal is generally to strengthen immunity and overall health it would be easiest and probably most effective to simply stick with ST 36. The majority of moxa contraindicated points are here. There are some good lung points that can be used with moxa. A consideration, however, is that moxa is warming, moving and somewhat drying - so systems that are more vulnerable to yin depletion need to be more cautious with moxa.

What about points like Kidney 27 and Stomach 40? Will this be drying to the lungs? There also must be so many other points…

Nearly any point with almost any method, even if contraindicated, can at times be justified. To choose a point, however, and a manipulation method (needle, moxa, cupping, etc.) you need to have valid theoretical/diagnostic reasons for choosing that particular point. In any given treatment every single point and every single method used must have a clear and concise purpose, otherwise at best you will get no or minimal improvement or at worst actually make the patient worse. So yes, there are many points that could be chosen but the theory and diagnostic processes have to be the guide for that particular individual.

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