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Autoimmune diseases


What would be acupuncture/tong ren points for a person who has 5 autoimmune diseases?


What are the 5 conditions and diagnosed by whom? What are their actual symptoms and what order did these show up in and over what time frame?


The huatuo jiaji points at T1, T2 and T3 are used for autoimmune disorders. Of course you’ll need to use more points as well and those additional points would depend on the specific symptoms and disease progression.


This is a hugely open-ended question. Also, Chinese medicine doesn’t distinguish diseases by giving them labels in the way that Western medicine does. What’s more important are the symptoms and patterns going on in the body that need to be addressed. Do you mind giving us a picture of your tongue stuck out? Make sure it is a clear photo with neutral lighting. Chinese medicine can determine a lot about the body just from the tongue.

By the way, I myself had suffered autoimmune disease with many complications in the past. The very reason that I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine is because it cures those willing to heal.


She has diabetes, sarcoidosis, cirrosis from the sarcoidosis, hypothyroid, kidneys are in stage 4 with sarcoidosis. She is not digesting foods. Diagnosed by doctors and scans.


Yes…I will take a pic of her tongue. I’ve been reading about emotional causes of autoimmune diseases and her mother had a traumatic time while pregnant with her…which continued. Not abusive…but just unable to love her. While a teen…she was I a sever car accident and her friend died while she ended up in a hospital for 4 months. This woman is successful…has 3 beautiful adult children…highly intelligent and good living, Her body is killing itself. On and she had a bad heart attack and has stents etc. she’s not overweight. So crazy.


Long story short she would need to see an acupuncturist skilled in autoimmune conditions weekly for quite some time to get significant help. At a minimum of 2 months weekly and then perhaps every other week for 9 months to a year or more.

For tong ren as @stephen pointed out the main points for autoimmune conditions in our system are the T1, T2 and T3. Other relevant points for her condition overall in order that they should be tapped would be:


I’m still interested in seeing the tongue. Also, I’m curious: has she done anything to work on her spirituality or emotions?


Also, I should say this: the very reason I myself got interested in TCM is because I had autoimmune disease at one time in the past. I healed myself from it.


I have an auto immune disease and am a Chinese medicine student. This information is so helpful. Thank you


Hi Fujiyoko, Sorry I am coming in the conversation late. I have an autoimmune disease. I am curious how you healed yourself from yours? I have done acupuncture and chinese herbs…but my acupuncture doctor was insisting I take these specific herbs and I felt I was not getting any benefit from it. Also he kept on insisting I eat more and eat anything as well as to not believe in the ‘rubbish’ about eating gluten-free etc. I have personally found that going gluten-free, dairy-free and fasting has helped my inflammation immensely. I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I am looking for an acupuncture therapist who ‘sees the greater picture.’


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