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Auto immune disease


What points should be used for PMR (polymyaglia rheumatica) ?


Acupuncture doesn’t work that way. You need to treat the cause vs. the symptoms. So depending on what specifically is manifesting and what underlying imbalance(s) are causing those symptoms will determine which points are appropriate. In effect each treatment needs to be customized to each patient.


Generally speaking polymalgia rheumatica will respond to a slightly targeted version of our general point selections for arthritis - targeted with some more tcm related points as described on our acupuncture for arthritis page.

The condition is not well understood in western medicine terms and there is thought to possibly be a viral factor involved - in some cases when other diagnostic signs show this to be a viable direction (particularly those who describe episodic mild fevers and/or fever/chills) a formula like xiao chai hu tang along with acupuncture treatment will often be very useful.


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