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Auto immune disease- Pemphigus vulgaris

My husband is suffering from Pemphigus vulgaris an auto immune disease. he is getting blisters or lesions in his mouth and all over his body. for the past 2 months. It started after his dental clean up during January end in his mouth. later if started in his body during March 2021 end wit ha small water boil. With in a span of 20 days as he took some ayurvedic medicine for his cold it aggravated all over his body. He got several big lesions in his head also. Boil breaks and sheds water that again covers the lesion and makes the lesion a big red wound in his body, like skin peels out from the lesion and causing soreness. He is now taking corticosteroid for this issue. We would like to go with TCM for curing this disease. Please advice.
Thank you.

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The use of TCM (acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine) for autoimmune conditions is complicated at best. It most often will require working with an experienced practitioner in your area and require regular treatments for months to years in certain cases. Much can often be accomplished, but treatment is a moving dynamic set of applications depending on responses from the patient.

For pemphigus vulgaris the following study: Complementary Chinese Herbal Medicine Therapy Improves Survival in Patients With Pemphigus: A Retrospective Study From a Taiwan-Based Registry has some pointers and concluded that “patients with pemphigus who used CHM as an adjunctive therapy had better survival rates”.

Now there is a range of formulas mentioned in that study, whether or not any of those is correct for your husband is best determined by a practitioner who can inspect him physically and talk in detail about medical history, etc. There is a very good chance, that for him, nothing listed in that article is appropriate, but other avenues would be.

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