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Auriculotherapy procedure for assisted reproduction therapy

In researching acupuncture treatment modalities that can be used to support patients with various infertility issues, I came across an article "Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy" (Fertility and Sterility. 2002;77:721-724).
The article describes the use of the following auricular points: 55 (Shenmen), 58 (Zhigong), 22 (Neifenmi), and 34 (Naodian), but not the particular map/system of auriculotherapy to which they pertain. Has anyone read this article who could possibly clarify this for me?
Many thanks!

Bethany Hauch


The points listed in the article are standard TCM auricular points. They would appear in most auricular texts. My site has only a fraction of the TCM points as we focused on presenting a slightly different system of auricular acupuncture.

We use much of the information from the oleson text, but you wouldn't want that for standard TCM points.

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