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Auricular No Smoking Treatment


I watched a TV programme some years ago where a chinese acupuncturist used an auricular point for a patient who wanted to give up smoking.

He said that if the patient was tempted to smoke, she would feel nauseous [i'm pretty sure he left a seed or presstack in this point].

Does anyone know which point this might have been?


Right after you created your post there is a link created below it that says "Smoking Cessation". If you click on that link you will be taken to our still in process smoking cessation page. If you scroll down to the acupuncture treatment protocols for smoking cessation and click on that you will find all of the related points and treatment options we have put together. The first protocol lists the NADA protocol for smoking cessation and it is likely to have been one of those points. Certainly that protocol works well for any addictions. If I had to guess I would say it would have been either Shen Men or Lung 2 (although Lung 1 which is not in that protocol is also used for smoking withdrawal).


On the ear I use: shen men, sympathetic, Liver, Kidney, and Lower Lung. I also general points depending on their symptoms like LU1, R17 and LU9 for shortness of breath, for example. I find patinets get better results with this sort of treatment than just ear points. I often send them off with eartacks in those same points. I recomment treatments every day or every other day, especially in the first week.


nada is good. I find anterior and posterior hypothalamus points are very useful, as well as amydala.

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