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Auricular electrostimulation


What is a good electro-stimulation massager for auricular acupuncture on the market. to help quit smoking? I am looking for a present for my mom. Right now she smokes occasionally whenever she is about to do something she doesnt want to do, but does chain smoking in times of stress. She says she doesnt care about the smell of nicotine so much as the act of smoking. I've learned that herbal and e-liquid are bad alternatives.


In general people should not treat themselves. Addictions in particular (and smoking even more particularly compared to other drugs) can be difficult to treat. Acupuncture is effective (both body and/or auricular), but it is not always easy. A practitioner can help figure whether people are smoking for psychological issues, metabolic issues, etc. - that is they can get deeper into what is driving the addiction - and this leads to much better and more permanent results and much lower rates of relapse. In other words you use acupuncture for what it is good for - getting to the root of things and not chasing after habits and/or symptoms.


use ear seeds stick on " Lung, mouth, stomach, spleen and shenmen." will help stop smoking, usually 3 days change another ear, everyday use fingers massage the seeds 2-3 times.


Assuming that the trigger is psychological, what about ear magnets sold to consumers with one point for smoking and one for weight loss? Can these be helpful ? I will look into ear seeds also, Thanks.


For weight loss, ear seeds main points: endocrine, shenmen, hungry point and thirsty point. Associate points: mouth, esophagus, cardia, Large intestine, Small intestine, San Jiao. use on single ear each time choise 3 to 5 strongest feeling points for 5 days change another ear.

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