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Atopic dermatitis


Hi everbody,

I am new to this forum, and this my first attempt to this forum. I am seeking some advices and knowledge about using accupunture points individual or combination of them or any chinese herbs to treat my atopic dermatitis which I have suffered for quite few years. The disease has caused me often sleepness at night, lost of concentration, loosing appetic and imbalance my lifestyle etc.... I tried really hard to float my head above the water, otherwise I could have let it all sink, and collapse together meaning my selfesteam is very low, lost all my confidence, and lost of hope to find a cure for the disease.

Can someone out there help?

kind regard.

from William.


Atopic dermatitis most happen on baby, is hereditary disease or because of wind attack, dampness and heat, has 3 patterns: damp heat stasis, Spleen deficiency dampness too much and Spleen deficiency blood dryness. what is your pattern?


thanks for the response! Feng Mai.

Since you mentioned the three patterns. I don&#39t know which pattern my atopic dermatitis belong to.

I have accupressured sp3 - tai bai every day to tonify the spleen, every time it seems to alleviate the itch, and the same time it make a lot of burp through my mouth. The more I burp the better I feel.

When the itch flare up, and I scratch, and the more I scratch I feel more itch, my blood seems to get hot. So is it has something to do with blood dryness. Please advise!



You need active your blood cycle, use points: Sp10, Lv3 & Li4, to stop itchy use extra points: "Bai Chong Wo" just above Sp10 1 cun on the legs.



One of doctors in our hospital have AD for 4 years that mostly placed on elbows. I made acupressure and light magnets weakly on SP6 + SP9, LI 11, Lu 5 + Lu7 +Lu 9.
After first session its goes smaller and stops bleeding. On third session its disappears completly and we stopped therapy because of working not in same shifts. After couple of weeks dermatitis appeared again, but we cant to continue our sessions.

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