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Atopic Dermatitis due to Allergic response driven by T-Cell


One of my family member, Female / Age 75, is suffering from a skin disease for the last 7 years. The symptoms are as under:

  • Intense itching all over the body. It comes like itching attack twice or thrice in a day (24 hours)
  • Skin is getting thick and thicken and feels like a crocodile skin
  • Skin is very dry and became blackish
  • Entire head region is severely effected due to lesions marked with redness
  • Exactly one year back, T-Cell Lymphoma was detected, and six 21-day cycles of systemic chemo therapy of 75% dosage was given to her, after two months the doctor said that the disease has recurred.
  • But, one month back, Asthma (Emphysema) was detected, during the treatment there was great relief in itching and skin lesions due to corticosteroids given in the drug. This lead doctor to believe that the current skin disease is not recurrence of T-Cell Lymphoma.

Recenly, I received an email that stated:

Moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis, a serious form of eczema, is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by an allergic response driven by Type 2 helper T cells.
Moderate-to-severe forms of atopic dermatitis can be characterized by pronounced pruritus (itch), cutaneous dryness, and skin lesions marked by redness, infiltration/papulation, crusting/oozing, and lichenification (skin thickening), with periods of lesion exacerbation. Intense itching, scratching, and skin damage can lead to secondary infections. Atopic dermatitis is often associated with other inflammatory disorders such as asthma.

So, what I conclude from above information is that the skin disease as well as the root cause of T-Cell Lymphoma is: allergic response of T-Cells in addition to Asthma (Emphysema).
NOTE: She is Australian Antigen Positive.

Now, my questions are as under:

  1. Is there acupressure treatment for above case? If yes, what is it?
  2. If treatment consultation is chargeable then how much is the cost?

I really appreciate any help on this matter and thank this website as well for providing useful information on acupressure.


Acupressure, as a therapeutic technique, is not likely to help in this case. However, a combination of acupuncture and herbal therapy could help quite significantly. You can read more about acupuncture for eczema here. Acupuncture can be very effective for a broad range of autoimmune conditions as well.

We do not offer any services outside of our local clinic here in Chattanooga, TN.


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