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Asthma treatment points



I'm looking for best treatment points for asthma. The patient doesn't have any wetness but has an inflammed airway. I'm looking to reduce inflammation and wondering if back points would be best for this.

If someone can recommend me specific points for this which have proven to work well, I'd appreciate it



As always a TCM diagnosis is required for us to give more critical information related to proper point prescriptions. I would recommend you start by reading our acupuncture for asthma section and then perhaps provide more relevant diagnostic information about the patient if you need more information. Personally, in addition to treating them from an overall TCM perspective I often use the huatuo points of T1 (extra point for asthma), T3 (lungs) and T6 (diaphragm) also consider strenthing the kidneys (huatuo of L2) if relevant to the tcm pattern.


For asthma the best points on the back are: Ding Chuan, Ub12,13,43, these points can both treatment for excess asthma and deficiency asthma.


Great - that helps a lot

Can I start treating the patient for straight 3-4 days and then get onto a bi-weekly routine?


Personally I never treat more than once a week except for the most acute of cases (of any type of case). My bias is against too frequent treatments as I think they are not only unnecessary financially for the patient but rarely lead to better outcomes and possibly even lead to worse outcomes by not giving the body time to adjust between treatments. Again, just my personal bias...

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