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Asbestosis, lung congestion


I have been diagnosed with asbestosis and this is affecting my breathing. do you know of any thing that would help my breathing. I have been practicing Qi Kung for the lungs and this has helped somewhat, but I an wondering what would you suggest as medicine to help me breathe more easily.


You will get the best results if you consult directly with a practitioner, ideally one who also practices tai chi/qigong. By physically inspecting you and watching your progress and having deeper talks about which qigong you are doing, etc. a good practitioner can take you a long way.

On the herbal side there are many potential formulas that could be helpful but your practitioner will know which one. Why we don’t provide recommendations is simply because the amount of personal information we would need to make a proper recommendation in most cases is simply inappropriate for a public forum - the longer answer why is presented in “treating the cause and not the symptoms” and “how to choose an herbal formula”.


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