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As suggested, I saw the Dr 7 visits but tendinitis / wrist pressure still very intense


I'm happy to report that I went to an acupuncture Dr, certified, and most of my previous complaints are much better - those being extreme fatigue, extreme thirst, sciatica pain. The Dr said I have low K yin and yang with the yin being the most deficient. My tongue is coated, swollen, and pale.

I have cut back my sugar intake drastically - I had been craving it - and I do not eat spicy foods anymore, as he suggested. At my 7th and last visit I asked if he'd be ok with my just coming in for maintenance. And he was fine with that.

i do not add sugar to anything, but I still get it in some foods, and occasionally get weak and eat a little chocolate or ice cream. And I let the ice cream melt first said he said not to eat foods too cold.

he has not asked me to quit using my wrist, and I told him after the third or fourth treatment it felt better, and then I use it more, ESP this time of year when our tomatoes and fruits get preserved.

My wrist pain is just as bad or worse and I'm not sure how to proceed. Do I quit going to him, or is dequervine tendinitis/block/pressure bc the ligaments are out of alignment and causing weakness and acting like a pinched nerve very hard to treat? I should mention maybe it's my age, since I'm in my sixties.

he said I have no other blockages, just weakness in my back, which he tonified. I asked what meridians to work on at home w acupressure and he recommended KD, LV, SP. but again said all of them are connected and work together.

any suggestions?

Thanks for any input.


What does your practitioner say? It&#39s true that those conditions can take awhile to resolve but they shouldn&#39t be getting worse after a number of treatments regardless of your age or usage. But you also say after the 3rd of 4th treatment it was "better" but now it is "just as bad or worse" - so that could use some clarification. Some ups and downs particularly when the issues are chronic and you are using your hands more would be acceptable.

On a side note, if your tongue is swollen, pale and coated you don&#39t have kidney yin deficiency, more likely you have spleen qi/yang deficiency, but that is probably not very important and is hard to know for certain without knowing your entire case history.

Either way, if your other conditions responded well I would simply continue treatment if at all possible. It&#39s generally not that uncommon for conditions of a chronic nature to take months to resolve completely. I would say, however, that after a certain point if it continues getting worse to try another practitioner, ideally someone who also does tuina (chinese medical massage).


When I say it was getting better and now it&#39s bad or worse, what I mean, or what I think happened, is that as it felt better, I started using it more, chopping tomatoes and pears. So I&#39m thinking I&#39m using it too much. The only thing he said was usually acupuncture fixes this... Now I&#39m just quoting what I think I heard himsay.

Yes, he does use Tuina, it&#39s in his brochure and I assume that&#39s what he is doing on my forearm, hand and neck.

as for chronic, I don&#39t know if this is chronic or not. Years ago I crocheted an afghan every winter until my wrist pain said I can&#39t crochet anymore - so I quit. Haven&#39t had any trouble until early spring and I know why - the majority of the winter I spent it on the computer, serious amounts of time on the computer, so I&#39m sure it&#39s that repetitive motion with my wrists at a certain angle.

im just hoping I can use the Ipad. I don&#39t know if I can stop going online and I can&#39t quit using my hand unless I sling it.

Interesting about the tongue; I don&#39t know what to think.


It sounds like you simply need to continue treatment and you should be fine. It is somewhat more difficult to treat certain conditions when people continue use, but Chinese Medicine is also not as favorable about immobilization as they are in western medicine as lack of movement contributes to stagnation. I don&#39t know where you live but this year in many areas that had lots of rain many people were having joint problems surface from the damp conditions. We certainly saw a huge influx into our clinic in Chattanooga.

It sounds like you are working with a good practitioner, so just hang in there. Also, I wouldn&#39t worry about the tongue very much, from what you described your practitioner is doing well.

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