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I have treated a women for a few weeks for arthritis in her left pointer finger. It is extremely swollen, and she can't bend it at all. I have been using local points along with some distal to treat her constitution (some signs of kidney yin and yang def). The swelling and pain hasn't gone down at all. Any suggestions?


There are 3 patterns: 1, wind cold damp, 2,phlegm stasis, 3, Yin Yang deficiency. Points: Du14, 12, 11, 9, 8. Ub20,23, St36, Kd 3, Li15, 11, 5, Si 5, Ba Xie. Wind cold use moxa, phlegm add St40, Sp10, Ub17. Yin Yang deficincy add Ren4.


In addition to clarifying your diagnosis from a TCM perspective, which Feng&#39s post should help with, we generally focus on more systemic (auto-immune) aspects of arthritis instead of focusing so locally. Local treatment, in my experience and opinion, is very limited both in helping symptomatically and, more importantly, in resolving progression. I have published the points we focus on most often with arthritis in our tam healing for arthritis article. The system is explained multiple times throughout the site, but generally you would use some systemic points, some local ashi points as you are doing but then use these to work deeper. The areas of particular importance are the huatuo points at C7, T1, T2, T3 - c7 being the parathyroid and involved in calcium metabolism, T1, 2, and 3 being the bone marrow, thymus gland, and lung/lymph system - collectively the immune system. C7 and T1 also control circulation into the arms and hands. Tuina would be crucial, in my opinion, in these areas down to the local problems.

It&#39s best to think of arthritis as a process not a local condition. It is related to many hyper responses in the bodies natural defenses and using tcm theory and medical knowledge to understand where this is coming from and resolving it will lead to much better results.


Dear All,

I learnt new things with this mail.

Here, the treating expert has identified kidney yin-yang deficiency. Can Yin and Yang both be deficient? I understood that Yin deficiency increases Yang and vice versa. Same with excess. If both are deficient it must be very complicated situation. Please guide.

DD Chhaya


There several patterns for Yin & Yang energy conditions, 1, Yin deficincy with Yang no deficiency or Yang high, 2, Yang deficiency with Yin no deficiency or Yin also deficinecy.3, Yin & Yang both excess or both deficiency, 4, Yang excess high with Yin deficiency or Yin no deficiency, 5, Yin excess with Yang deficiency or Yang no deficiency, 6, Yin normal with Yang high or deficiency, 7, Yang normal with Yin deficiency or excess. Different conditions use different ways to sedate or tonify Yin or Yang energy.


There are 4 patterns of arthritis, wind which is moved pain, cold which cold pain, dampness which is wet pain, heat which is hot pain, different pattern use different points.


If you click on the link that was automatically created underneath your posting "arthritis" you will find much of the information on the site related to arthritis. You should, of course, see a practitioner before trying self-diagnose yourself in Chinese Medicine terms, but, while technical, our acupuncture treatment for arthritis section will give you more details on the way arthritis is viewed in Chinese terms.


If you are experiencing symptoms of pain, fatigue, and/or low mood these symptoms are often associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and also many other autoimmune conditions. There are many things you can do in the realm of self-treatment. All discomfort and disease is rooted in stress held in the body. Often the stress is not simply from immediate situations but can be related to trauma from many years earlier, or even carried in ancestral lines in the DNA! One of the books that talks about this very clearly is Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton and Steve Baerhmann.

Donna Eden has many energy exercises that can help you if you do them on a regular basis. I don&#39t know where you are located, You can find a practitioner on a directory on the website There are also many video&#39s posted to the internet that you can find if you google "Donna Eden".

I have many articles posted on this website that you might find useful. Just search the site for my name and a list will come up for you to peruse.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue are just two of a number of autoimmune conditions that I have been diagnosed with. More important than the name of the diesease entity is addressing the underlying causes.

Good luck to you!

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