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Hi, I have a doubt, I hope someone can help me,

Middle aged men, slender complexion, whitish hair, color of the face normal tending to red, affected from arrhythmia since 4 years ago, when had a syncope (had a very stressed period), since then, arrythmia suddenly appear with emotions (from watching a movie to everyday life emotions..).

He cannot lift the left arm, and feels painful. Sometimes he is aware of contracting hand and arms. He feels weak, dazed and tired, cannot do almost anything that required strength, or could get arrhythmia. Doesn’t want/like to speak, low voice, dry mouth and lips. Wakes up in the night to urinate around 4 /4,30 and then it’s difficult to go back to sleep.

Symptoms during arrhythmia: Chest tightness, breath difficulty, pain along PC meridian, pain round hypochondrium, and chest areas, dry stools (without arrhythmia they are normal), cold hands and feet. He cannot bear extreme heat or cold. Actually, he cannot bear anything extreme..

In the past he use to have stomach problems (trush, retracted inferior gum, acid reflux), since changing diet/starting of arrhythmia, he doesn’t show any of this symptoms, and has normal appetite.

Because of this condition he feels depressed and with fear and anxiety.

Tongue, normal on right side, red and swollen on left side border, red tip, teeth marks.

Pulse: imperceptible on heart pulse, strong on liver pulse, normal on kidney left. All weak on right pulse. Feels better with acupuncture, but I wanted to introduce an herb formula to help to speed up the process.

Doesn’t sweat right now (at the beginning of the acupuncture treatment he use to live the clothes wet underneath the hearth area, right now they are dry).

I see a Heart qi /yang deficiency and Gall Bladder/heart syndrome.. should I mix up two formulas for better result?


Considering the redness in the tongue and the mixes of anxiety with fatigue, I would be cautious about using anything too tonifying herbally. Perhaps a mild spleen tonic along with a formula such as tian wan bu xin wan which can be very helpful for heart irregularities from many causes, but mild enough that it won't disrupt anything else. gui pi wan would be another potential which could help across the board, but the diagnosis has to be appropriate to use this.

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