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Arrhythmia caused by Chronic Bronchitis


Insights and experiences welcome.

The arrhythmia began 11 years ago during a most severe coughing episode because of chronic bronchitis. Since then, an arrhythmia episode will manifest, usually, without warning.

Comments, please.


Are you a practitioner (i.e. question for a patient of yours) or are you a layperson? And what kind of comment, exactly, are you looking for? Have you done any treatments at all - any acupuncture, any herbs - if so what type of response did you have? How often are the episodes and what did your medical doctors diagnose this as (if you have seen them)? Are you sure it’s an arrhythmia and not reflux? What other health issues do you have (or does this person have)? Any chronic lung/breathing issues that exist up to this day?

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