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Are sublingual veins related to kidneys?


Dear YYH,

In my studies to become a shiatsu practitioner I was taught that diagnosis the sublingual veins played an important role in being able to diagnose the kidney energy. My teacher was a shaman as well as an experienced shiatsu practitioner/healer. I cannot find any theory online about it though. I have been thinking about buying the Tongue Diagnosis book by Giovanni Maciocia, but a colleague practitioner says it may not be in there.

My teacher explained that the veins should be clearly visible but not with clots or anything. He also said that there’s a direct energetic connection between the tongue and the kidneys.
On the internet I only found information regarding blood stasis as a cause of purple veins there or dark sublingual clots.

Does anyone of you have experience or knowledge regarding diagnosing the sublingual veins?

Thank you, I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards from the Netherlands


Thanks for your question. I realized we never added much clinical information about the sublingual veins on our tongue diagnosis page. I’ll add that over the next couple days - so check in with the following page and the sublingual section and I’ll put in the most relevant points:


Thank you for adding this information. It’s very helpful indeed.

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