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Applying Master Tung Points


I am a new TCM graduate. I am currently trying out/trying to understand the use of Master Tung points and Dr.Tan’s Balance points. My question is, when you apply distal Master Tung Points or Dr.Tan balance points say for back pain, is it important you have your patient move around to diminish the pain. Or can you insert them while they are laying on the table so you can insert other points aswell.


I’m not the best qualified to answer this as I only have limited experience with those systems. But to answer more generally - there are those more “active” systems or sets of techniques within acupuncture (for example, removal of pressure pain in the abdomen for certain japanese systems). So part of how you are evaluating your point selection and technique is immediate feedback through the body - in many of the pain related systems like the balance method you are looking for increased ROM, decreased pain, etc. at that time - if it isn’t removed or ROM increased, etc. - you may rethink your point selection/techniques until you get the desired immediate result. This is no different at the base than looking for immediate feedback in the pulse, abdominal palpation areas, or point palpation.

Now whether you can do “other points” as well. That really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and how closely you want to subscribe to those systems. In short, there probably isn’t a straightforward answer. Not what you have to follow a system exclusively - but the real question for me would be what would Dr. Tan have done? If he would just do his system, checking it with movement, etc. and limited retention without other points then that is what I would try until I have enough experience to see what works for you clinically.

I know in the Japanese systems that I have more clinical experience with than Dr. Tan’s system - you are just doing enough to get the change you were looking for - nothing more and nothing less. That type of verification of changes in the body can be very useful as far as facilitating a very clear message to the body - instead of a more diverse approach, which has value clinically as far as results go.


Thank you Chad, your answer definitely helped me clairify my application process. Look at the bigger picture instead of trying to fix everything at once.


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