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Anyone have or know a cure for primary thrombocytosis ( Essential Thrombocythemia ) in TCM


hope to find answer my wife have been diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia and im looking for treatment in the TCM to CURE her condition anyone have or know a trusted source that they may tried and get cured with or knew some one did or know the Dr and saw people have cured with it let us know please


Chinese medicine should be able to help. A combination of acupuncture and herbal formula would provide the best results. There is no one universal treatment protocol for primary thrombocytosis or any other western condition. Each treatment needs to be customized to the signs and symptoms that each patient presents with. I would recommend contacting a local acupuncturist and working with them for the best results.


Stephen thanks alot for your reply , my main problem is im living in a place they dont have such thing i need someone trusted and someone tried them treatment and appear to be good and cured them cause i might be able to travel seeking to treat my wife or i might treat her from distance depends on the situation i hope that there is someone who can give a sure information about herbs that cures ET that he knows someone have been taking it and cured him or her .


Without any idea of where you live or what kind of distance is practical and/or affordable for you to travel I’m not sure I can help. Many countries have standard database sets for licensed practitioners, you could start from there.

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Best results will always come by seeing a practitioner, as Chinese medicine treats the causes and not the symptoms through what we call pattern differentiation. So generally there is no herbal formula for “x” condition.

Now that said with conditions that likely have an autoimmune basis there is on one hand a much stronger need to see a practitioner, but on the other, at times, research to back possible solutions that can be used on a condition basis as the underlying signs in the body that we look at are often confusing anyhow and it may skew the diagnostic procedures; because the body doesn’t really know what it is doing wrong - in basic terms.

The formula jia wei gui pi wan has shown some promise with a range of blood related conditions (among many other things). This study looking at ITP (a different but related pathology) shows some of the direction.

Now, personally, I would find a practitioner and work with them. Traveling, as you have suggested, with conditions of this nature is simply not feasible in most cases as treatment needs to be performed somewhat frequently for months (or longer) in most cases. But if you were truly going to travel, I would contact the authors of the study referenced above and see if they would have any recommendations.


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