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Any suggestion for tinnitus

Any suggestions for chronic tinnitus . Er lan herbal , Long dang xi gan herbal hasn’t decreased it for about 2 months

So first, your expectations about resolving chronic tinnitus may need some adjustment. While this would vary depending on the patient and the individual set of causal factors leading to their tinnitus, it would not be uncommon for chronic tinnitus to require 4-18 months or longer to truly resolve.

In my experience most patients will do much better with a combination of acupuncture and carefully guided herbal medicine than they will do with either alone. The worst outcomes will come from not knowing what you are treating (i.e. choosing herbal formulas based on a western symptom/issue vs. the correct way of choosing them based on your “diagnosis” in Chinese Medicine terms - see treat the cause vs. the symptoms for more on that).

For example, our tinnitus treatment section currently lists 8 formulas that might be appropriate for tinnitus. Which one(s) you choose would be drawn from your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms which only your practitioner can help you arrive at. Further, as your underlying conditions improve it would be likely that the formula would be changed as well to continue the improvement of the deeper issues and the actual symptoms. This is why you need to see someone over time to truly get help. Unless it is something simple, or you have tremendous luck, trying random formulas is not likely to get you anywhere productive.

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