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Any herbal remedies to cure lipoma(benign tumour)?


Any herbal remedies to cure Lipoma ?


I have heard talk of some, but I have never seen anything work. My teacher Chang Wei-Yen says they are "incurable", at least with herbs. Though I have heard some people have some success with combinations of acupuncture and cupping, but have never observed any change personally.


As with all conditions you should consult with a local practitioner. There are treatments for lipoma and they can be very useful but what to do depends greatly on your overall diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms (see What Does Acupuncture Treat?). As Volesky points out a combination of acupuncture, cupping, bloodletting and tuina may be far more useful than anything in the herbal realm however.


As Chad said, you need to consult your MD. I always make sure that any tumors or lipomas are benign before I treat them. A good TCM diagnosis is also the key to success.

I have been very successful in reducing large breast cysts from 2 inch diameter to 1/2 inch and completely eliminating small ones with just acupuncture. But these were from blood stasis so you have to do a proper TCM diagnosis for every person. In another case, a woman had a large lipoma 2 inches high extending from her wrist to her elbow and the entire width of the dorsal side of the forearm. This was a softer movable mass. Her MD said it was benign and that there was nothing to be done except surgery which wasn&#39t recommended because of her advanced age. Within 7 treaments over the period of 1 month, the lipoma was reduced to the size of a quarter on her acupuncture works well.

Now for hebal medicine. I oftern prescribe herbs for many lipomas or benign tumors in addition to the acupuncture, especially if the masses are deep. I have treated and shrunk ovarian cysts with the combination approach. However it had been my observation and belief, that the acupuncture works better.

In one case I only used herbs: A patient had developed a large painful nodule on the most distal joint of her pointer finger. The same thing was happening to the joint of her left big toe. I prescribed Xia Ku Hua Tan Pian for transforming phlegm and stagnant masses. The brand was from Golden Flower and called Phlegm-Transforming. Now these nodules again had a different diagnosis and were hot in nature, not like the cases above. After 2 weeks at the recommeded dosage, the nodules on both the finger and toe, completely disappeared and 8 months later have never returned. Acupuncture was not employed.

Therefore, although I am still of the belief that acupuncture works better, I am keeping an open mind with 3-4 of the formulas I use for masses of different types. I have some evidence that the herbs will work and I am trying to get a better answer to your very good question.

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