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Any help with TCM analyses (tongue pic)?


hello, i wish if anyone have time to diagnose my health and such and I have added the following tests and picture of my tongue that may help in diagnosis:

  1. Tongue picture:

My weekly diet of food:

  • Potato with eggs: sometimes both fried in oil, and other time we make them both boiled and put them together

  • Potato with chilli and coriander and garlic: fried in oil

  • Cooked bean with tomato sauce

  • okra with tomato sauce

  • Macaroni with tomato or pesto sauce

  • Fish filets with veggies: carrots, eggplant…etc

  • Fried Eggplant with fried coriander and fried potato.

  • Pizza, i make with tuna and cheese and tomato sauce.

  • lentils.

I have stopped eating cow and chicken meat… the only meat i eat so far is fish only as seen in my diet.

Thank you very much!! if any more information required please to ask!

Sorry for not posting direct pictures, but i m a new user and i cannot post more than one picture.



In your own words, what are the symptoms that you are concerned with?


i do have some genetic diseases in my family. from my mother, cancer, and father heart issues… they are still not activated and such.

Also, i do have seborrheic eczema, and i m trying to find the real cause of it, energetic or physical real cause to heal it once and for all. also i do have allergies that i m not quiet sure the causes.

The following are the conditions that appeared in my life:

  • Burning sensations in the hands, feet or heart: I usually relate that to chi energy, it happens when i focus on my hands or feet, i feel tingling and they get hot and also i can feel push and pull of magnetic field if i move my hand and such.
    and if i move my focus around the body… all my body gets hot… so not sure if they mean that so i chose it anyways.

  • Intestinal gas and bloating

  • Fear for the future

  • Feeling off-balance Chronic worries and fears

  • Clinging to the past- Allergies or hay fever

  • Sensation of fullness in chest (usually it is a feeling of tightness, heaviness on chest)

-White or pale mucus: due to allergy or sickness

-Thick, white coating on tongue (maybe because i eat a lot of dairy products)


-Scanty or clear urine (especially if i drink a lot of water)

-Heavy, sluggish feelings (when i m sad, or depressed i feel heaviness at the heart)

-Uncertain and indecisive (it is hard for me to make a decision, unless the situation is analysable and there are pros and cons. in case the situation is uncertain, it is hard to make a decision without real info and data about choices)

-Fear of change, difficulty adapting ( it is not big, but it arises when i m sad or having negative thoughts, i seem to prefer to go back into my own shell, where things are familiar)

-Flushing of the face ( I blush easily and my face get really red without me knowing, it happens a lot of times)

  • Sensations of heat or burning (burning sensation when i focus on my hands and sense the chi and focus there, sometimes turns into cold)

  • Sore throat (Most of the time i feel something there, especially increases when i focus at my throat, in vipassana, i went to the doctor and said it is just stress in that area… i feel like tightness there)

  • Feelings of heaviness (i don’t feel light, easy and soft… i feel heavy dense and such)

  • Worry and nervousness (sometimes about stuff in life)

  • Tightness in the chest

  • Chest pains ( when i do vipassana, i feel pains on some part of the chest and around the heart)

  • Discouragement, sadness or fear (all due to low confidence in self)

Thank you !


I would suggest cutting out some of the spices. Spicy and pungent herbs and foods, like ginger, garlic, chilli, etc. are foods you should either not eat at all or eat very little of as you want to avoid putting more heat into your body. If you cook with oil you should use very little, do not fry your foods as that is also not going to help.

You seem to have several symptoms of a general yin deficiency. The burning of the hands, nervousness and flushing can stem from heart yin deficiency. some of your digestive issues and some of the constant worry could be from spleen qi defiency. Eczema is commonly caused by damp heat and is probably made worse by your yin deficiency as well.

As for your tongue, the deep centerline crack reflects yin deficiency. The soft, somewhat flaccid texture of the tongue reflects chronic spleen weakness. the bumps of the tongue reflect chronic heat accumulation, which in your case is probably a result of the chronic yin deficiency. it is a little hard to tell but it does look like the front of the tongue is a little brighter red than the rest, which is another sign of heat which has accumulated in the upper.


Oh thank you!! do you know where to get yin from ? i do practice vipassana would that help ? any qigong moves?

Also, i do feel pain around the heart, the pericardium and maybe related to yin in the heart… can you help on how to solve it, or what may be the reason for that excess of yin? I do love garlic, chilli and related spices :confused:

Thank you very much! will try to find Yin solutions !


Yes vispassana is good to strengthen yin in general, as are most types of meditation. Standing qi gong is also very good - in fact most qi gong is beneficial but I mention standing as it is very easy to do and you are less likely to accidentally create an imbalance compared to other styles. There are Chinese herbal formulas that are also beneficial in restoring yin such as lie wei di huang wan or suan zao ren tong. Whole grains and cooked root vegetable in general are good for yin, melons are as well.


I have checked some the links provided to some of your diagnoses concerning the yin deficiency and most of the suggestions are related to chinese herbs and such… is it possible to know what these are? because it is not possible at all to find chinese stores in my country that sell herbs that help in balancing and i guess i ll have to make them.

Recently i was healing my eczema on my face (eyebrow, around the nose, on the frontal sinus) with coconut oil and it was kinda fast. But the eczema on the mustache below the nose, and on chin is still taking more time. and, today my eyes are itching a lot too.

Also, when i do vipassana and focus and go through each part of the body, some pains arises… and some of them are on the shoulder and around the heart, as i said before. but 2 days ago, these places where i feel pain (only when i focus on them) are starting to become itchy, red and i guess it is eczema starting to spread :frowning:

I guess, the eczema is increasing now, even tho it is winter, because even the eczema on my scalp seems to be rising back, since it was treated, a long time ago, with meds, still didn’t use coconut oil on it yet.

Not sure what is going on with my body. :confused:


You might be able to order the formulas online, we sell herbs and ship internationally depending on the country, you can find that link here. There are also many sites that will list both the ingredients and the dosages for a variety of oriental formulas. Eczema usually gets worse in the winter, that is very common. From a TCM perspective eczema is caused in internal factors, and as such while using exterior products like coconut oil or lotions, etc can help, they will ultimately not be able to address the deeper cause.


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