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I started going to acupuncture last year and my dr told me it would take 3-6 months to get my body balanced and that is what it took. I was able to get free of anxiety/panic attacks. I continued treatment about once a month with missing a couple of months.

Well in Nov my daughter was put in the hospital on life support and almost died...My anxiety and panic came back after this. I have started back for my treatments on a weekly basis having gone for 3 treatments. I am curious is this normal to happen and how long should it take to get rebalanced again? He said a couple of months maybe. I really like my dr...I went yesterday for my 3rd treatment and my anxiety seemed to get a little worse but seems better today. Last year it did the same worse before it got this pretty normal?




Everything you said seems pretty normal and it sounds like you have a good practitioner. While treatment responses with anxiety do not have to follow a worse before it gets better path, it does happen somewhat often. Having the response you had previously in your mind is very helpful as you can then be more hopeful/optimistic about your outcome. While anxiety is a very treatable condition it is impossible to take away tragic and intense life events, so resurgences are not uncommon. It is great that you started treatment again and didn&#39t let it settle in more strongly. I wish you the best.


thanks are always very helpful...I know that it is gonna take some healing time again and I just have to allow it to happen like last time...Just gets difficult sometimes because I was doing soo good. But I do know that I will get back to that place again soon.


I would echo what Chad has said. It&#39ll resolve, and you clearly have a good relationship with your practitioner.

But, I have to say this, go easy on yourself!

You had a terrifying experience; it&#39s every parents nightmare come true. A very sick child (whatever their age) is a massive shock to the entire system. If this had happened to your best friend, I&#39m sure you would be kind, generous, concerned, and making her take it easy. Be your own best friend!

Acupuncture cannot stop terrible things happening. But it can stop the effects of terrible things hanging round and getting &#39stuck&#39. I&#39m sure your practitioner will have you sorted but, maybe they would like you to just ease yourself back into bouncing around!

Take good care of you.

Best wishes.


for anxious points: Du20, 24, 15, 13, Pc5, Ht7, Yin Tang, Ub15, 18, Lv2. Then use cupping on Du and Ub back channel area.

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