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Anterior and posterior Tibialis Tendinopathy (Over Liver meridian)


I am studying TCM and a case was presented to me with this diagnosis. If I was treating this patient I would use LR 3, SP 5, SP 6, SP 9, but what other points (and paired points) would be recommended?


I forgot to mention that the patient is not on any medication.


So the first thing you do is completely throw out the western symptom/issue. You use the tongue, pulse, etc. and diagnosis them on a deeper level first. Then you treat that primarily and use some local/ashi points for what they are coming in for. You will generally get far better results this way rather than targeting points in the local area or by too closely following western symptoms/issues. Some of this is discussed in our acupuncture point selection article.

So the answer to your question with regard to what other points to use, depends on the patients diagnosis - not the condition.


Thanks Chad for your feed back.

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