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Anklyosing Spondlitus


Anklyosing Spondlitus
Has anyone had any experience with disease?
I have read that the Immune system senses a bacteria/invader in the stomach /intestines.
The immune system then attacts the invader resulting in an overhealing of joints.


To treat ankylosing spondylitis from within a pure TCM perspective the western name and pathology are not as relevant. You would need to complete a full Chinese Medicine based diagnosis and treat what you see in the person. In most cases there would be a Kidney involvement due to it's relationship to the bones and possibly a Lung system imbalance as well due to it's immune system factors. The diagnoses would be likely be similar to those presented within the arthritis treatment section. Within the system I use, the Tam Healing system, we treat the condition as an autoimmune mediated condition primarily and then work to reduce inflammation with local points and other tcm style points as appropriate. Most often we use the huatuo points of T1, T2, T3, T7, L1, L2, and L3 along with points such as GV 20, other local points and deep tuina/massage at C1 on the side that is most painful (usually the side opposite the most pain further down the spine if there is a prevalence).


Ok thanks Chad



Ok with above.
However - why does the body/ immune system overheal and attack the joints.
It starts with a bacteria in the stomach / intestines the immune system attacks the bacteria but doesnt know where to stop.
I have keloid on my ear where I used to have an ear ring.
Despite being cut off numerous times it keeps growing back.
I see this as something similar where the immune system doesnt know where to stop.


Why the body has started an autoimmune response is difficult to say. In my post above I mentioned that we would treat this as an autoimmune mediated condition and the main points for that aspect are the huatuo of T1, T2, and T3. Together those three areas work to balance the immune system which is helpful in cases such as this, MS, arthritis, basically any autoimmune related condition. The huatuo of T1 is for the bone marrow, T2 is for the thymus gland, and T3 is for the lung system in Chinese Medicine which is the loose equivalent to our immune system.

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