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Angina and acupressure


I have use acupressure for my spinal stenosis problem, works great.
Now as an old man and angina running in family (as does spinal stenosis), I would like to know if acupressure work for angina. ie blood flow around heart. Joe


Acupressure, as with a few other conditions, can provide marginal help. But with a genetic history like yours, personally I would very seriously consider seeing a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area and do both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. You will very likely be able to offset serious ramifications of your genetic history with proper treatment.

That said HT 7 is a useful point for acupressure for these issues. You may also generally massage down from HT 5 to HT 9 along the heart channel. PC 6 may also be useful, and massaging from PC 3 (a point for chronic angina) down through the end of the pericardium meridian at PC 9. The massage would slow circular movements that follow the line of the meridian.


Thank you Chad, I have used acupressure on points to relieve the spasmed lockup of muscles, to move toxins out and new blood in. I have been without treatment for 8 years since I retired. I am going back to a therapist. I am in small town and choice is limited to one. I have forwarded you reply to inform Jamie of your points of treatments. Knowledge is the key to any successful treatment. Although I feel overwhelmed with all the information on the web. I have considered acupuncture, but felt my body muscles needed that little knuckle pressure with a big wallop. The heart can’t be touched by knuckles, so pins on the nerve junctions, might be as mighty as I need to signal the heart into a healing reaction.
Isn’t the body a wonderful machine. I do need a mechanic with the correct knowledge and tools and feedback for persons like you. Sincerely yours, Joe Prelas


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