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Amygdala point


I have been reading recently about how memories of traumatic incidents can be retained in the Amygdala in the brain, causing anxiety, panic, ptsd etc.

I have been looking into the auricular acupuncture points for the endocrine system and am wondering about needling points for the limbic system, hippocampus and amygdala, along with shenmen and adrenal / kidney points in order to support the adrenals and retrain the amygdala to prevent fear response.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Would it be best to use reduction, tonification on even technique on the amygdala and limbic points? I am thinking reduction on amygdala to decrease the function.

Please help, any thoughts would be appreciated.



We don&#39t use auricular points, but within the Tam Healing System that we predominately use our usage of certain scalp points is more based on the western brain location/function than on the standard TCM teachings. This previous response of mine would give you an idea of the points we would use for the PTSD range of conditions.

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