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Alzheimer's disease


I have a patient who is suffering from Alzheimer's diesease, kindly help me with acupoints and herbal remedy to use for her treatment. Presently I use HT7, ST36, ST40 and KI3. She is 70 years old.


Check her blood pressure first, if ok, use points: Du20, Si Shen Cong, Du24, Gb20, Du 14, Ren Zhong, Sp6, Pc6, Ht7, Si3, Kd7, St36, 40, Gb35, Ub10, 23. She should detail diagnosis make a flexible herbs formula.


I find alot of people (the seniors of my parents&#39 social group, prime among them) have become sort of intellectually lazy (imprecise at least) and refer to just about any age-related memory/cognitive function loss as "Alzheimer´s," but isn&#39t Alzheimer´s a specific brain pathology?

I suppose for Chinese medicine purposes, it really doesn&#39t matter what we call it, but the imprecision of language kind of drives me crazy!

I was looking for something of a Transform Phlegm/Damp, Open Orifices, Tonify KD for a 73-year old patient in our clinic. I know that Health Concerns, as just an example, has 1-2 patent pill formulas reputed to help with cognitive function--but seems like more of a memory/cognitive function "keeper" rather than a "retriever" perhaps. I look forward to others&#39 ideas and experiences. Thanks!


Toxicity has been found to be the major culprit in regard to brain function. So detoxification i.e. diet and exercise blood circulation to the brain, hormone balance, stress management and a brain healthy regimen. I.e. Learning memory and meditation exercises at least 15 minuets everyday. Fish oil preferably (krill oil). In conclusion detox the blood and enhance the blood flow to the brain. Learn to have fun with exercise and learning avoid depression and eat smart.

Get Vitamen (D) levels checked and corrected as (D) helps with nutrient absorption.

Great exercises for people over 40 are TaiChi - Qi-gong and breathing practices.

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