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Alternative methods of treating facial scleroderma


what kind of modalities are offered in TCM for scleroderma and shingles scarring on the right side of face and neck. Much nerve pain and damage to 7th cranial nerve and vision in right eye is compromised. Dealing with chronic swelling over eye and jaw. Withdrawing from prednisone and taking high dose of curcumin. I have used tcm for many years,including cupping. Need more treatment options to stop swelling and nerve pain.


Why don’t you start with describing exactly what you have done and what type of response you’ve had (some reduction, none). Then we can take it from there…


Generally acupuncture would be the best modality for treating shingles/nerve pain. For scleroderma acupuncture would also be the modality of choice, possibly supplemented with medicated mud. Unfortunately very few practitioners offer or (or are likely even are aware of) the medicated mud therapy and you can’t easily use it on the scalp or face.


yes,but I could use it on other areas and meridians on feet. Where do I
find out about the mud?:grin::volcano:


Before diagnoses of Sc I was treated weekly in house by an acupuncturist
for the trigeminal nerve pain from shingles and also for a small meningioma
of the dura over the left temple,which doctors say is not an issue. We
moved last year,so he could not travel to my house and I could not travel
to his office.
The MRI contrast dye gadolinium happened to be a Major issue in my brain
and body with Angioedema and toxic metal poisoningl I have actually been
dealing with small shards and granules of metal and glass and what looks
like small thorns poking through the forehead,around right eye and side of
face. Tormenting and excruciating. I have an alternative doc that has done
some Edta INFUSION and suppositories to help detox. He also says I have
Morgellons. Many ERtrips for Flares are treated with iv solumedrol and
clindamycin. It brought relief but not healing. I am weaning off the pred
and down to 5-10 mgs a day. This has gone on for 5 years or more. Pain
Management doc diagnosed CREST,but serum levels do not prove it. I have
tried more things then I can list.but removing the dye and weaning off the
pred is primary. Tao had me on Gastrodin in the beginning It brought some
Just started taking Curmed-curcumin and it seems to really be helping. I
know the adrenals are weakened by the steroids also. I am 62 and have
practiced holistic medicine for 40 years both for clients and myself. I am
a Reiki Master and very proficient in energy healing. This is why We are so
baffled by it all.
This stuff was killing me slowly and painfully. I am mad as hell at the
so called medical protocol and the way I got trapped into it. Using the
knowledge I have gained to extricate myself from the flare,pain,med,flare
cycle. Hopefully you can add some other tools.


Obviously the best answers are going to come from a practitioner who has the benefit of being able to see you physically and work directly with you over a period of months at least.

But when you say - [quote=“Karen_Shelters, post:5, topic:3892”]
Using theknowledge I have gained to extricate myself from the flare,pain,med,flarecycle.

What exactly have you improved on and what are your exact current issues in as clear as possible terms?

Generally speaking the majority of what you describe is best dealt with by a competent acupuncturist who also practices herbal medicine and tuina (Chinese medical massage). I would recommend that you find someone in your local area to work closely with.

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