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Alternative medicines to cure breast cysts to opt out of surgery


Submitted By: preetmini

Please let me know if there is any natural cure for breast cysts. I am worried they might become cancerous. Thanks


Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical qi gong (energy healing) can all be used to work with cysts in the breasts (and elsewhere). Within our system we regularly work with cancer of all types and have good results. We also treat fibroids, cysts, etc. of any nature. Our system uses both acupuncture and medical qi gong in our treatments primarily and herbal medicine in some cases.

I would certainly recommend you consult with a licensed acupuncturist in your area and try a round of treatments to see if the cysts won't resolve quickly.

Cysts in chinese medicine are related to Qi Stagnation and/or Dampness in the system. The treatments, in basic terms, primarily move qi stagnation and resolve the dampness. The dampness is often, but not necessarily, related to a persons diet - particularly excessive intake of dairy, fatty/fried foods, and/or too many cold/raw foods. Stagnation is a more complex subject in many ways, but can be related to a too sedentary lifestyle.


Thanks a lot.


Hello, what is the acupressure point to help withbreast cysts and estrogen balance?



In many ways there isn&#39t a point for any condition within Chinese Medicine. You may want to re-read my original reply to the poster in this thread to understand the causal factors of breast cysts. Then to get an understanding of how we choose points, in somewhat basic terms, read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?".

To bypass all of that, SP 9, could be useful in many cases as an acupressure point - but there would be many others that would be related to the tcm diagnostic pattern they have.


Cystic breasts are often a condition of hormone imbalance, possibly a lack of progesterone (in relation to estrogen) during the post ovulation part of a woman&#39s cycle. I have found great effectiveness using Chaste Tree Berry, or "Vitex" to harmonize hormones in women. Vitex can take a few weeks for you to see the benefits, but it is the best herb I&#39ve used to smooth out fibrocystic breasts.

Lumps in breast tissue, according to Traditional Oriental Medicine, are most commonly attributed to some form of qi stagnation, which can stagnate fluids and lead to accumulation of phlegm nodules. The liver has something to do with this (you do want the liver to be soothed first and foremost.. peppermint tea is a great place to start before you get the help of an herbalist / acupuncturist) but you also need to get the qi moving locally. I suggest daily breast massage, usually at the same time each day, possibly in the shower with a bar of soap, or after the shower with coconut oil or something that is light and cooling. It can be very quick, but very beneficial to increase circulation and drainage of the lymph ducts within the breast tissue.

You also want to avoid anything that stresses you out, specifically caffeine (or just cut back, if it&#39s too stressful to cut out altogether), and emotional upheaval. The more regular your sleeping schedule is, the more this will support better movement of qi & fluids.

Lastly, a lot of the points used to treat breast distention or fibrocystic breasts are on the channels that cross or come close to the breasts, specifically the Stomach, Spleen, Gallbladder and Pericardium channels. So use points very near the breasts, like St 15, St 16, St 18, Sp 18, Gb 22, Gb 23, Pc 1 (I would use very shallow transverse insertion and be very careful not to insert into any of the cysts themselves; contralateral treatment may be the way to go) or distal needling including St 34, St 36, Gb 37, Gb 41, Gb 42, & Gb 43


I had a fluid-filled breast cyst and was sceptical about acupuncture working for it...but lo and behold the Chinese doctor knew where to place the needles just around the cyst and literally that evening I felt pain in my breast and went to feel it and the cyst had dramatically reduced in size! After a few days it was much smaller and now is about the size of a I will be going back for more. The acu also helped to make the breast tissue on both sides so much softer and break up the hard, hormone-filled tissue, they are like different breasts! And I also had refused to get the cyst aspirated at the hospital because I had a feeling there was a more natural way...although acupuncture still involves needles it's different to going in and draining the fluid and having a risk of infection.

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