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ALS treatment with Tong Ren


Has there been any success treating ALS with Tong Ren?


It depends what you mean by “success”? So we’ve treated around 20 patients or so with ALS, all have unfortunately passed, but many were alive for years, a few up near the 10 years mark (from their diagnosis - so really much longer symptoms wise) and many had years with very minimal symptoms. There were a few who did actually seem to reverse their symptoms (went from oxygen to none, from very broken weak speech to conversational, etc.) - but then they would seem to slide away from that path of improvement. It is difficult as most are doing a combination of treatments (western, eastern and otherwise) - so you never quite know what is influencing what. All that said from what I’ve experienced clinically there is tremendous value in both acupuncture and tong ren therapy for ALS.

Now ALS is generally a diagnosis by exclusion (i.e. when it is decided that it isn’t any other condition). There are any number of motor neuron related conditions that can initially have the same symptoms of ALS but that will not progress in the same fashion - these tend to do fairly well with acupuncture and tong ren.


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