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ALS disease


Dear all,

Could Acupunucture or any other TCM treatment be beneficial for ALS disease?

Kind regards,



In short, yes, although it is a very difficult condition to treat and full resolution is unlikely. That said there are many conditions in the motor neuron family that can resolve and ALS is hard to conclusively diagnose so there is always some kind of potential. In my experience the majority of our ALS patients do well in relation to the general course of the condition, our longest living post-diagnosis for 9 years with minimal problems. In some of the cases I&#39ve seen impressive turn-arounds but ultimately the condition gained force again months or years later. So there is potential but it is a difficult and frustrating condition to treat.

If you search our website and in particular view the ALS page you will find numerous previous discussions on these topics. This reply of mine to a similar question in the forums describes some of our treatment techniques for ALS and related conditions.

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