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Alopecia - Male Pattern Baldness from DHT action


I am wondering how this hormonally-elicited process would be viewed in terms of TCM understandings?

The hair follicles in MPB are miniaturised and deteriorate, under the influence of Dihydrotestosterone.


Technically most baldness would be consider Kidney Jing Deficiency and/or Blood Deficiency (Liver or Spleen or both). The "kidney" system in Chinese Medicine is largely a composite or what we would call the thyroid, adrenals, the lower level sex hormones and much of the fluid metabolism functions. Accordingly anything that threatens this system - i.e. high levels of stress hormones or even the over use of tonifying substances would potentially cause problems such as hair loss, weak nails, weak bones, lower body weakness, low libido, poor focus and concentration, etc.


Thank you Chad_Dupuis for the explanation.

This is Praveena from Tamilnadu India.

LV blood deficiency :GB37, UB18
Kidney Jing deficiency : ST29, UB 23.

How to point ST29 for fat body. UB 18 and 23 as sujok point for self treatment.?

Thanking You!

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