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Allergy to adhesive


I developed an allergic reaction to adhesive used in a dressing. Alternative dressings have been tried, but they all have adhesive, and in each case I get a rash that starts out where there is contact with the skin, and then spreads and is very itchy.

I tried treating the material of the dressing using a protocol developed by Sandi Radomski, MSW. She has the subject hold the item for which there is an allergic response, and then lazers all the acupoints on the ear.

I'm writing to ask if anyone for your suggestions - using tong ren or acupuncture or any other kind of energy intervention.

It's critical that I find a way to tolerate the dressings or an alternative for affixing same to my skin.


To start, what are you using the dressings for? what it is them specifically and how often are you needing to do this? There are many pain patches within Chinese Medicine and they all contain quite strong blood moving herbs. Because of their nature, using them too often will develop other problems like local reactions to the herbs. It&#39s best to try to treat the underlying reason you are needing these in a deeper way if possible than relying on patches to manage the issues.


Hi Chad,

This is not a pain patch. It is the sterile dressing for a dialysis tunnel catheter that has to cover the catheter 24/7. After 10 weeks of having the dressing in place, though it is changed frequently, I developed an allergic reaction to the adhesive, which resulted in a rash, which led to susceptibility to a staph infection - short story: this led to high drama AKA metabolic encephalitis. I&#39m now much recovered, but still have a tunnel catheter, and still getting contact dermatitis from the adhesive. I will have the catheter replaced next month. The preferred access for dialysis is a fistula. I had one placed in late April but it failed (clotted off). This is the 2nd fistula that never matured. My body is not found of foreign objects :-)


I treated the adhesive on the dressing using Sandi Radomski&#39s protocol - that is, while holding the material, laser spraining each ear, then testing my response to the dressing with the kinesiology pendulum test. I also tested each meridian&#39s alarm point, and treated any that were still reactive after laser spraying my ears.

That calmed the reactivity to some degree.

I also consulted with a dermatologist who recommended a "Duoderm thin dressing" that she said people she treated who were sensitive to adhesive were usually able to tolerate. And in fact, I am doing much better with this dressing. Turns out it is also used to treat dicubitis (bed sores).

One advantage of consulting with a dermatologist was finding out that, while my sensitivity to adhesive was not familiar to the hospital dialysis staff, it is apparently common enough that this physician has encountered it. I found this somewhat comforting. As a "highly sensitive" individual it can be challenging to inhabit that role so consistently.


H Judith,

I like to start with laser on doll for ouch point. That is what I call Tong Ren first aid. First thing whenever I have a problem is get out the laser and point it to ouch point on the doll.

Here are some Tong Ren points I would try to address for skin chemical sensitivity and tap for all of the major contributing factors. This also addresses the stress recovery aspects of your story.

Chemical sensitivity on skin using Tong Ren.

opening spirit GV20

immune system T1,T2,T3,T7

adrenals T1

support for ouch point, chemical detox/excretion/elimination, and stress

Skin T4

Liver T9

Large Intestine T12

Kidney L1

metabolism TW

endocrine and growth hormone GV22

end down Kidney meridian to K1

Hope that helps. Good luck with your healing process.


Thanks for your suggestions. I, too, am a Tong Ren practitioner. I&#39ve made a note of your point suggestions. I&#39ve had good luck treating this with Sandi Radomski&#39s protocol, as well as changing to a dressing with a different adhesive.

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