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Allergies, rihnitis

Hello. I have found information that Perilla Frutescens Leaves could work fantastic with all the symptoms of allegies, like sneezing, cough, and itchy eyes
wich are my actual symptoms, for more than 3 weeks. What would you recommend to take? Is it possible to send whatever it is recommended, to Chile? Thank you very much

I can only make general recommendations as what you, as an individual, would take is based on many sets of reasons that generally require a full consultation (see “choosing a formula” for more on that).

On average we tend to use Xin Yi Wan or Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan for general seasonal allergies.

In clinical practice we would find other deeper factors and work on them usually related to metabolism and/or stress issues that are affecting the immune system as well as diet and other lifestyle factors and so herbal approaches would be based on the entire composite of issues rather than just the symptoms of allergies. But either of those formulas generally work well and often after using them for a few seasons the allergic response tends to weaken or eliminate completely so they are no longer necessary.

As for international orders from us anyway, you can see our international orders page.

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