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Alkaline or acid blood


I am curious. I have been told the if the pH of the blood is too acid , joint pain will result. I don't quite understand this. Our bodies work very hard to maintain its buffer systems with lungs and kidneys. does anyone have experience with the pH of the blood being affected by diet. The internet is full of different opinions.

In TCM it seems that simply eating more alkaline foods would not resolve joint pain. Seems awfully simplistic.... Should this be discounted completely, held in perspective of a part of a whole, or believed totally?

Thank you all for your perspectives.


As far as I know the body maintains blood ph between 7,35 and 7,55. If it is out of this range the body dies. Body uses calcium to maintain that correct level.

If you diet is too acid (Meat and meat products - Uric acid; Pork - sulfuric acid and nitric; Sweets, sugar, white flour products - acetic acid; Sweetener - formic acid; Soft drinks (carbonated and sweetened) - phosphoric acid; Coffee, tea, red wine - tannic acid; Painkillers - acetylsalicylic acid; Excessive physical exertion - Lactic acid, or you stress or angry a lot (hydrochloric acid) your body will be overacid. 99% of body calcium is stored in bones so if you are overacid body will use that calcium (it leads to osteoporosis) and store calsereous salts in joints (it leads to joint pain and artritis). The other important mineral is magnesium because it helps calcium to become ready to use. Potassium also plays an important role in balancing body pH.

It makes sense to me that just eating more alkaline food would not resolve joint pain. What should help is improving level of minerals, especially magnesium deficit which is impossible to be done from food. The resulting calcium - magnesium ratio should be 2:1.


I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist but, I have heard some sound advice in regard to pH balancing. “Epson Salts is full of magnesium which is good for the assimilation of bone calcium

Baking soda is especially effective as an anti fungal body purifier and kaline- booster, hence combining the two indicates huge potential for cooling the body’s/blood, protecting against yeast and fungus infections which “(many doctors say is the root of many cancers)” Epson Salts has lots of Magnesium, boosting the efficiency of calcium use, it’s inexpensive and readily available. Further Baking-soda can be safely used as deodorant and with tooth past for more cooling of the body’s overall pH.

I don’t know how to monitor the pH accurately but I’ll ask my nutritionist and get back to you. It seems as though I remember something about pH strips? Anyway I hope that helps improve your comfort level, hot mineral baths usually do. Good luck Shaktimanah CT (LMT).aka Walter Cloud

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