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Air in abdomen around CV4/5


What could it mean if there are synptoms of a hernia in the lower back and also the feeling of “moving air” while pressing CV4/5 area.?

It probably has to do with tension/stress/indigestion but any other advice would be much appreciated.

Extra indications: pain near spleen/pancreas after eating sweet foods/! the
I would love to read your comments…

Kind regards,


Hello Merel,

I believe you are on track with the stress/indigestion route - generally you are describing symptoms of bloating and poor digestive function - possibly what we would call liver qi stagnation and spleen qi deficiency. These are very commonly treated issues within Chinese Medicine (as is disc herniation for that matter). I suggest you consult with a practitioner locally, ideally one who practices both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.


Dear Chad,

Thank you for thinking along. I thought it had to do with kidney energy but this is a third yin organ… I guess they all work together in the end.

In shiatsu I’ve been taught that the area below the navel has to do with life force energy. That’s why I wondered how you saw this. Luckily the air is gone… only the tightness remains.

I don’t really like needling but I’ll try to find a good practitioner.

Thank you again and really respect your work.

Have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,



Thank you, this really helps. It also confirms what other TCM practitioners told me in the past. I guess kidney energy can also be depleted as a result of this imbalance? Plus I’ve heard that ovarian cysts can also be a result of liver qi stagnation. I guess I need to find a good practitioner who can help (not easy here). The last “good” one told me to let the cysts be removed first…

Anyway, I have one more question: does anyone of you have experience with clients with a tight/ sore psoas muscle? I heard that this causes lower back pains. If anyone has an idea where this is linked to, I’d be happy to hear it. I know that tcm in general focuses on the channels instead of the muscles but still I feel curious to know.

Kind regards,


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