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Advice Needed - Tongue Pictures Attached


I'm 21 years old and been suffering from the following symptoms since the past 2 years:-

1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (胃食管反流病)
2. Seborrheic dermatitis (脂溢性皮炎)
3. Psoriasis (银屑病)
3. Indigestion (消化不良)
4. Excessive belching (过度嗳气)
5. Stool odor (大便恶臭)
6. Undigested food in stool (大便中有未消化的食物)
7. Acne (粉刺)
8. Stomach growling (肚子咕咕叫)
9. Bad breath (口臭)
10. Body odor (体臭)
11. Unexplained weight loss (原因不明的体重减轻)
12. Hyperhidrosis / excessive sweating (多汗症 /出汗过多)
13. White coated tongue (白舌的背面)

My main problem is that I have been losing alot of weight... I have become underweight.. and therefore, I've become very weak and thin. Also, my skin problems have been troubling me alot.

I'm unable to gain weight. My weight just keeps on being stable at 55kgs... 2 years ago before I had any imbalance in my system, I used to be 65kgs.. So I have become weak, thin and very tired.

I do have a fair amount of knowledge about TCM and have had some success with TCM so therefore, I'm attaching pictures of my tongue and stool for your kind reference.

I was under TCM medication but as I had to shift back to the US, so I had to leave my treatment in between.

I would really appreciate if any practioner on this forum can assist me and guide me towards diagnosing what my problem really is? Is it a kidney deficiency? Is it a spleen deficiency?

Can anyone recommend any good and reputable TCM practioners in the Maryland/Virginia area?


You seem to know quite a bit about TCM already, so why don&#39t you include what you have tried both acupuncture and herbal wise previously and what the results were and why you did or didn&#39t keep going with that particular line of treatment. That way we can think outside of the box for you instead of everyone giving you a bunch of ideas you have already tried.

Your tongue looks near normal really, a little swollen and a crack in the st/sp area and a thin white coat, so you have some digestive issues but they don&#39t appear, from the tongue anyhow, to be deeply integrated into your system. What&#39s your diet like? What were your last three meals exactly? Do you drink much alcohol?


Thanks Chad for your prompt reply.

To be frank, I was in the UK and was under treatment with a TCM practioner over there. I always asked him what herbs he is using to treat me but he said it was a personal formula and combination of herbs. Basically, the herbs were mixed and finely ground into small packets which I used to mix with hot water and drink. So, basically it was like a herbal tea of some sorts, a herbal tea of freshly ground herbs.

Since I have lost weight, I&#39ve been very particular about my diet. It&#39s a good diet consisting of protein, carbs, no junk food. Haven&#39t even had a drop of alcohol since the past two years.

Those tongue pictures are from two months ago. If you want I can send you recent pictures as well but my only question is should I send you pictures of my tongue like when I wake up early in the morning without having anything to eat or after I have had breakfast for example. As I&#39m typing now, my tongue still has the white coating at the back of it, which I believe is the area for the stomach and abdomen if I&#39m not wrong.

I would really be grateful to you if you could introduce me to anyone within the Maryland/Virginia area who would assist me and guide me in the right direction and not make me run around because as you&#39re aware a lot of doctors just want to prescribe you herbs for the sake of it but there are only a few like yourself who don&#39t want to fool around with their patients and cause them agony.

I&#39m here in the US for a limited time and will be travelling again, so I really want to meet up with a good and reputable TCM practioner in my area because the country I&#39m going to may not have any good TCM practioners at all.


I did send you the address for a practitioner in Maryland, if you didn&#39t get it please contact me directly by clicking on my name and then clicking on the "contact me" button. Then I&#39ll send it again. Without knowing the herbs you were on and/or seeing your personally it is really hard to comment on your case. You definitely have some weakness in the digestive system and in the kidneys as well.

One question about the sweating - is it primarily the hands and/or feet and more at night - or is it spontaneous sweating during the day or excessive with minimal activity?

Do you sleep well? If not, do you have more trouble going to sleep or staying asleep?

How do you feel temperature wise generally - warmer or cooler? And how is your general energy level overall?


Thanks Chad, I got the contact information about the practioner in Maryland. The only thing is I&#39m really looking for someone who specializes only in TCM and herbal medicine, from his website I made out that he specializes more in accupuncture. Does he specialize in herbal medicine as well? The thing is I believe if the inside is okay then it will show on the outside, that&#39s why I&#39m a strong believer in herbal medicine. Also, as I keep on travelling for me it is better to be under treatment of herbal medicine than accupuncture.

The sweating is primarily in the armpits, excessive at times with minimal activity. At night, there is some sweating in the feet. After my therapy with TCM and herbal medicine in the UK, that problem has somewhat been solved but not completely.

I do have an insomnia problem, but that&#39s more related to my schedule because I usually sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning.

I feel warmer and at times I&#39m very thirsty.

Energy level is low to be frank, not like I used be when I was 16/17 years old for example.


Well you&#39ve got a few things going on which are hard to completely diagnose over the internet, but I&#39ll give you a general idea. You have signs of empty heat/yin deficiency (the red tip of the tongue, insomnia, heat). Usually with this as the only pattern you would be constipated. As you are also having loose stools there is either more auto-immune type activity (i.e. celiac, crohn&#39s, etc.) or a conjoined spleen deficiency - or a bit of both. Herbally the classic treatment for yin deficiency is Liu Wei Di Huang Wan - but with loose stools already it may be too hard on your system and you would either combine it with Bao He Wan or try treating the stomach/spleen first and then working on the yin aspects. To deal with the spleen aspects I would consider starting with something like Shu Gan Wan which is helpful for GERD, reflux, emotional constraint, etc. perhaps combined with Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan to clear some of the heat. In theory, again much easier if I were to see you personally, you could do something like 5 tablets of Shu Gan Wan with 5 tablets of Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan 3 times a day before meals and then after about 2 weeks if it&#39s working you could drop that to twice a day and starting taking 7 tablets of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan with 5 tablets of Bao He Wan in the evenings before you -want- to go to sleep along with those. After about 2-3 months the stomach should be greatly improved (if that&#39s the right combination for you at this time) - then the yin deficiency could take 3-6 months of a low dose like I described to improve.

There are lots of other options you could do including using formulas like Wu Mei Wan which can help IBS, colitis type symptoms along with parasitic infestations. But we generally start with the most obvious and most harmonizing line of action and then start branching out from there if we don&#39t get the results we would want.


Thanks alot for such an indepth reply Chad. Now I surely know atleast what is the reason behind my symptoms.

I&#39ll try and see maybe I could come to Yin Yang House and meet you up personally, if not, please check the message I&#39ve sent you regarding whom I can meet here in Maryland.

Thanks once again.

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